BLive┬áCommunication’s vision is to provide the market with a “one-stop-shop” agency for brand communication, offering the full scope of integrated services such as┬ábranding positioning, social media marketing, digital services, video and photo shoot management, video production etc. This ensures that the communication process is seamless, more efficient, faster and convenient.


Product Placement

Corporate Identity

Corporate Naming

Branding & Brand Management

Brand Identity: Logo, Pay of and Corporate color

Coroporate Kit: business card, letterhead, folders

Corporate Presentation

Social Media Marketing

Product Shooting

Corporate Shooting

Drone Shooting

Photo and video shooting

Video Productions

Corporate Video

"How To" Video

Product Video

Tv and Web Spot

Creative Design e Copywriting

Editorial Services

Social Media Content

Adv Pages

Content Managment

Web and social media

Web Development & Web Design

Web Content Development


Newsletter Development

Social Media Planning

Social Media Execution